School Policy

Admission Requirements

Connecticut School of Bartending offers a complete open-door policy regarding admission.  The school accepts students without regards to a student’s sex, race, national origin, or religion. The minimum age requirement for admission is 17 years of age.

Refund Policy

Should enrollment be terminated either by the student or the school during their scheduled training, a pro-rata refund of tuition paid will be made based on hours of training completed. In all other cases if class start dates change, either due to a student’s schedule change, Emergency, or State Mandate, students may apply their Tuition to a future class without penalty.

Student Attendance

Promptness for the start of the class is urged to allow students to complete all of the classroom lessons. Make-up classes for excused absences are permitted and may be scheduled at any time during the course or in following weeks. Private instruction and scheduling are available to insure continuity of the program depending upon space available.