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Connecticut School of Bartending, “ Best in Bartending” Bartending/Mixology and TIPS Certification training means CLASSES ARE LIMITED to 8 students:

Each student has a personal bar station 

100 % of training time. No other school guarantees this.                                    

Worse, They pack their classes, especially during College Breaks and Summer. So, you are waiting for your turn to get behind the bar to Bartend, and wasting training time and your money. At Connecticut School of Bartending you will have your personal bar station. You are making an important investment and ALL the training time should be yours behind the bar; and it will be!

We appreciate students that are thorough.

Here is important information to consider.
80 percent of our enrolled students are from Word of Mouth. And, We actually enroll a large percentage of our students in each class from around the State.


Other schools have increased their tuition for the Bartender/Mixology and TIPS Certification to well over a thousand dollars!              

Almost Triple our tuition!   

So, for many of our students, an hour drive results in hundreds of dollars in savings.                                              

Some schools also offer other shorter, cheaper programs, that do not include Certification!!   

            That’s Right!

So, you merely learn how to make drinks, but do not have full credentials and Certification required by most employers.   

  Your goal to be a professionally Certified Bartender is our goal too!!

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